Access Control Updates

Release Notes 10-19-2021

Release Notes 6-30-2021

This update includes a large amount of additional features that will be available for properties that upgrade to dormakaba Community version 2.0. These features are only available for smart keys created after a property has been upgraded to dormakaba Community 2.0. Smart keys written after the Community 2.0 upgrade will have more intuitive messaging in the Management App, which will be capable of telling the you if the smart key in question is one from the time before or after the upgrade.
All dormakaba properties will need to upgrade to Community 2.0 to take advantage of these features. If you’re a property with dormakaba locks, be on the lookout for communication from our Wellness team to walk you through the upgrade process some time in July.

Release Notes 6-29-2021

Release Notes – 4-12-2021

STRATIS is in the process of rebranding STRATIS 2.0 to CommunityConnect. The first phase of the rebranding process is a name change in the app store to CommunityConnect | STRATIS. At this time, there’s no impact to the STRATIS Management App or STRATIS 2.0 Mobile App functions due to these rebranding efforts. We'll provide further details about the CommunityConnect rebranding in the coming months for Mobile App users and Management App users later this year.

Release Notes – 1-20-2021

STRATIS is proud to announce exciting new features in Version 4.9 (v4.9) of the Management App! Take a look to learn more about the updated login flows, and other more general improvements.

Release Notes – 11-4-2020

Release Notes – 3-5-2020

Release Notes – 7-26-2019