Variable Access Points Limitations (VAP)

With Community 2.0, 4k smart keys can now accommodate 542 VAP instead of our previous 120. The user does get a message, but the message shows when they hit 542 instead of 120. 1k smart keys still max out at 96 VAP, and still show no message until they hit the 542 limit. Because of this, it’s now more important than ever to encourage the phasing out of 1k smart keys.

Screenshot of STRATIS App with a notification that says "dormakaba limits smart key access to 542 locks. Please select fewer locks."

Properties can also now exceed the 25 VAP limit for mobile keys. Now there is no maximum – but any time there’s a change that happens, be it a unit becoming vacant or an access change, mobile users will need to pull down to refresh and trigger updates in the mobile app, which will appear within 10 seconds.

This feature will be rolled out to all STRATIS properties in the coming month.