Quicker Connected Device Updates and New Short-Term Housing Guest Login

STRATIS has now released Mobile App v2.0.2, with new guest login feature and various bug fixes.

  • New long-press unlock option!
  • Avatar changed to user’s initials for greater personalization
  • Thermostats, lighting, shades, and other connected devices update their current state quicker when you open the app
  • Apple Pay suppression – if you present your phone to a lock, sometimes this can trigger the NFC Apple Pay feature on the phone. If you grant us permission, we will suppress this popup
  • Short-term housing guest login! Partnering with select providers of short-term residences, the properties can now automatically grant those guests access to the building and unit through the STRATIS integration
  • Add and remove devices to/from your dashboard from the device view
  • Refined ButterflyMX visitor access flows
  • Resolved logout bugs
  • From Mobile App v2.0.1: a new Demo Mode lets you try out the app without needing a login

We’ve told you enough about the app…now we can show you what it looks like. Download on the App Store and Google Play.