Greater Resident Capabilities for Access and Leak Sensing

New features available with v1.12 are designed to make the Resident experience even smoother. There are now more capabilities for with access, leak sensing, and more.



  • For properties with Brivo Smart Readers: Unlock common and amenity-area doors even with low cell connectivity.


Leak sensing

  • For properties with Honeywell WiFi Leak Sensors: Mute the audible alarm for your leak sensor (maintentance is automatically alerted). Also, simulate leak sensors for testing and peace-of-mind.
  • For any STRATIS leak sensor: See both the humidity and temperature of your unit from your app.



  • For properties with any STRATIS leak sensor: For the fan, as an update to our thermostat controls, devices that are capable of “auto” mode, will display this, while others will not.



  • For all properties: Resolve setting conflicts between app and device. Often, manually-set schedules on a thermostat can conflict with the schedule set in your STRATIS Mobile App. Now, these conflicts are resolved and the STRATIS Mobile App schedule will take priority.