New Site-Wide Scenes and Enhanced Amenity Access Control for Property Management

STRATIS proudly announces its new Site Scenes feature and improved assignment of access to amenities as part of its new Management v4.6 release!

Management App (v4.6)

Site Scenes

Do your Residents enjoy the ease of setting personalized scenes in their units? You can now create, schedule, and trigger site-wide scenes across your properties for intelligent, mass device control. Here are some examples of the ways you can save time, energy, and resources through Site Scenes:

  • When the leasing door opens → turn on showcase units
  • When there’s a leak in a unit → shut off its water valve
  • Set schedules for high-traffic times in common spaces → trigger hallway lighting and heating or cooling
  • When a unit transitions to vacant status →  set the devices in that unit back to an energy efficiency schedule

Amenity Access

STRATIS now enables Property Staff to grant individual amenity areas to Residents for Mobile App control through partner access control systems. Has a Resident paid for one amenity, but not the other? No problem! Simply grant them access to the required area for both hard credential (fob and smartcard) and mobile access.