Welcome Home: STRATIS 2.0 is Here

We make smart apartment living easier. 

With the new STRATIS Mobile App 2.0, Residents, Staff, Visitors, and Vendors can seamlessly use mobile passes for all electronic access points including elevators, parking garages, common areas, amenity areas, and of course, apartment units. Users have the ability to remotely control their smart devices in the unit (including thermostats, lighting, and more), submit service requests, request access for visitors, and much more!

Residents with accounts immediately gain access to any and all devices and access points they have permissions for. When a Resident moves off the property, they immediately lose access to that unit, and the devices revert back to property management control. Backed by our property-wide networks for device connectivity and our SOC 2 Type 2 audited security focus, Residents and Staff users can rest at ease that their devices, data, and units are safe and secure.

This new STRATIS Mobile App is a scalable and flexible foundation that we continue to grow on, so don’t be surprised when you see cool new features every couple of months.

With STRATIS, you can:

  • Customize your home dashboard with devices and scenes that you use the most
  • Unlock your unit lock and other access points from your mobile device
  • Control all devices in your apartment from anywhere in the world
  • Create schedules for thermostat control and scenes
  • Enable location-based triggers through geofencing
  • Receive alerts for leaks
  • See energy and water consumption over time*
  • Control your devices through our Alexa integration and the STRATIS Skill
  • Seamlessly interact with even the largest of devices, like window shades!
  • Control and manage your water heater from the STRATIS Mobile App!*
  • and so much more…


What’s new?

  • New icon! – we hope you love it!
  • Improved on-boarding guide for Residents, Staff, and Visitors
  • Improved on-boarding flow for Residents without an account
  • International phone number support
  • Securely add more than one mobile-device to your account
  • Opt-in for enhanced privacy
  • New in-app tips to show you how to perform more complex actions
  • Create and schedule your own custom scenes (adding on to previous options:  Home, Away, and Night)
  • Submit any issues to our support with ease
  • New device filters, including “Nearby” – a lock filter that automatically shows the lock closest to you as you walk through the building
  • Staff can now control thermostats, lighting, and other devices in vacant units from the Mobile App (previously, they only used the Management App)
  • Improved contact-list for adding visitors
  • Updated ButterflyMX integration flows
  • Offline Brivo Bluetooth Reader unlocks in case you lose connectivity
  • Faster Brivo Bluetooth Reader unlocks
  • Now supporting: Staff and Resident with the same username; Resident and Visitor (to non-Resident unit) with the same username

*If on a compatible energy metered, water metered, or water heater property. STRATIS integrates with the following devices: https://stratisiot.com/connected-solutions/


Here’s the QR code to download the app. Once you download and try it out, be sure to give us a rating.