Refined return key flows for dormakaba, SALTO, and Schlage properties

STRATIS is proud to announce exciting new features in Version 4.8 (v4.8) of the Management App! Take a glance to learn more about return key flow refinements (for dormakaba, SALTO, and Schlage properties), SALTO updates, and general improvements.

Return Key Flow Refinements

For Schlage, dormakaba, and SALTO properties that are not integrated with a Property Management System (PMS)*, there are new key return flows! This is just the beginning of enhancing return key flows for continue ease of use. There is also clearer user interface/user experience (UI/UX) for viewing available features.

*These flows  are only for non-PMS-integrated properties. Any site that has a STRATIS-RealPage, Entrata, Yardi, etc. link will not see these flows and the resident instead will be moved-out automatically. They will then need to return keys via the “return key for moved out resident” button or reprogram locks for lost dormakaba keys or create a new key for the unit to remove the old key if it were lost.

Click through on the three small dots below the desktop image below to see screenshots


For SALTO property staff, here are your new capabilities through the STRATIS Management App:

Site Scenes version 2

For all properties with sensors and controls such as thermostats and lighting:

We’ve been continuing to improve sitewide device control capabilities with SIFT (STRATIS If, Then). You can enable a generic action for any unit if there’s a notification from that unit (example: “If there’s a leak, turn off the water valve”). Previously, each scene had to be set up individually for each unit. However, now you can set this capability across the property with creating one single SIFT Scene!

Ongoing improvements

For all properties: Simply select a key in the resident details panel to see information about the key!

For legacy app users (CO/CT locks:) Now edit bulk keys (including changing schedules, adding/removing a lock, and changing a facility code.