Smart Key Syncing for Brivo and Chirp

Two of our most popular access point integrations now work even more seamlessly with STRATIS. Smart Key Syncing allows smart keys made and returned in STRATIS to automatically be made and returned in Brivo or Chirp. Schlage, dormakaba, and SALTO properties with their readers’ high-frequency reading set on will automatically have Smart Key Syncing enabled. Please speak with your Chirp or Brivo integrator to ensure that these settings are enabled.

  • Property Staff, when creating, making, or returning smart keys, can automatically enroll their Resident or Staff Member in Brivo or Chirp without needing to swipe to enroll or manually input credentials.
  • When Property Staff create smart maintenance keys, they automatically work on Brivo or Chirp access points.
  • When Property Staff return smart keys found on a property, where the original owner of the smart key isn’t clear, the smart key automatically stops working on Brivo or Chirp access points without needing to take additional blocking steps.