Multi-factor Authentication via SMS required for Management App login

For all properties:

The Management App login process is now more secure with Multi-factor Authentication. To prepare for this change, we’re asking all users to make sure that they have an individual, not group email address associated with their account. An address that goes to your entire property management group, for example, makes your account less secure, and harder to use with Multi-factor Authentication. Please double check that your correct phone number is set up to receive SMS text messages from STRATIS. Have both of these finalized by January 26th, 2021.

Here’s how it works (click through to see each step and corresponding screenshot):

  1. When you log in to a new device or computer, STRATIS will send you a confirmation code to either your email or phone. You can choose where the code will be sent right from the login screen.
  2. Once you’ve signed in on a device, you won’t need to enter another confirmation code for 30 days. STRATIS may occasionally ask for a code, just to make sure your account is secure.