STRATIS IoT Leaps to 6th Place on Entrepreneur 360™ List of Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. –October 1st, 2019– Leading Smart Buildings IoT solutions provider STRATIS IoT leapt to #6 on Entrepreneur magazine’s 2019 Entrepreneur 360™ list, climbing the ranks for the fourth year in a row. The Entrepreneur 360™ celebrates the 360 strongest privately-owned businesses that have mastered “the art and science of growing a business” through excelling in the areas of “impact, innovation, growth, leadership and business valuation.”

STRATIS has appeared on the E360 list for the past four consecutive years. Since STRATIS first placed on the annual list in 2016, the company has jumped in ranking by 95%. In 2016, 3 years after STRATIS’ founding, the company placed at 124th. 

Felicite Moorman, STRATIS CoFounder and CEO said, “This incomparable Team built STRATIS for global ubiquity. We knew we’d have to rise above the hype of overblown fundraising rounds and growth at all costs to reach that vision and achieve our mission. That Entrepreneur Magazine recognizes that truth is a testament to their name and we’re beyond grateful for the honor. STRATIS is on the verge of the explosive global growth for which we’ve strived, and we are dedicated to maintaining deliberate, holistic expansion.”

Entrepreneur conducts an expansive study of independently-owned companies and identifies honorees through an algorithm and other advanced analytics. 

Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur magazine stated, “Every entrepreneur knows that a healthy business isn’t just about growth. It’s about being well-rounded—growing your culture and your systems as strongly as you grow your revenue…The companies that make the ranking have pushed boundaries with their innovative ideas, fostered strong company cultures, impacted their communities for the better, strengthened their brand, and grown impressively as a result.”

In the past year, STRATIS has seen unprecedented growth with a 30% increase in units installed, totaling 325,000 units in the U.S. and 18,000 internationally. With a new international expansion strategy, the company intends to meet intensifying global demand and expects to nearly triple 2018 revenue with a commensurate increase in total units served. The company has also grown internally with 50 percent employee growth during the first three quarters of 2019. 

STRATIS IoT partners with the world’s most innovative hardware providers, such as Allegion and Schlage for electronic access and Bluetooth Low Energy door locks, Resideo and its Honeywell Home-branded thermostats and leak detectors, and Leviton for smart lighting and groundbreaking connected load center solutions. If your property is interested in deploying this solution, please contact or visit

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Entrepreneur is an American magazine that publishes news stories about entrepreneurship and business. It is published under license internationally in several countries, including Hungary, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, and South Africa. Entrepreneur 360™ List is an annually cultivated and published collection of 360 rapidly growing businesses. Entrepreneur invites companies to apply to evaluate them based on five metrics: impact, innovation, growth, leadership, and business valuation.