STRATIS CEO Gives Keynote At Inaugural Multifamily Women’s Summit

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – March 26th, 2019 – PRLog — STRATIS Co-founder and CEO, Felicite Moorman delivered the opening keynote at the Inaugural MultiFamily Women’s Summit, held in Scottsdale, Arizona this week. Moorman leads the Team at STRATIS, software that enables smart apartments and intelligent buildings in MultiFamily and Student Housing. Moorman is an award-winning technology entrepreneur and attorney with more than 25 years of experience founding and building companies. She’s an EY Entrepreneur of the Year® Award recipient, and has earned an international reputation as a go-to IoT industry expert, developing pioneering strategic partnerships, and unprecedented technology strategies and initiatives in the Internet of Things. Moorman is an international speaker and has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur, and Fast Company magazines, Business Insider, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, and other national news outlets.

Moorman’s keynote titled “Women are Good for Business” addresses the gender gap in leadership that is common in many organizations and represents a significant missed opportunity for businesses. While in many parts of the world women hold more than 50 percent of professional and managerial jobs, their representation in corporate leadership falls far below 50 percent.

“These trends tell us that women, a highly skilled source of leadership talent, are being overlooked to the detriment of business,” Moorman said. “At the current rate of inclusion, it will take 202 years to reach parity in leadership and pay equality. My goal is to share action paths for women and men to enable and accelerate that change and pull or push us forward faster.”

The notion that women are good for business is one that more and more companies are acting on. Yet despite their best efforts to promote women into leadership roles, many organizations have fallen short of their goals. Even among those companies that have implemented an abundance of programs to attract, develop, and retain women employees, gender gaps in hiring, promotion, equitable pay, and retention rates often persist—with men faring better than women on all counts.

“To accelerate change, we need to stop treating gender as if it were just a woman’s burden. If organizations want to minimize gender disparities, they need to enable women and men to make behavioral changes,” Moorman said. “And perhaps most important, organizations must enlist both women and men to work together as allies in changing the organizational norms and structures that perpetuate gender gaps.”

The event was created by Carrie and Patrick Antrim, whose vision for the MultiFamily Women’s platform is to create a better future for the women within the MultiFamily housing industry through elevating their personal and professional transformation. This Summit delivers a premier industry event with notable thought-provoking speakers, informal peer-to-peer discussions, and unparalleled educational content inside an exclusive networking environment.

“We are excited to have Felicite, not only on our Board of Advisors, but to kick off this historic summit,” added Carrie Antrim, Co-Founder of MultiFamily Women.

In just five years, STRATIS has become the new industry standard in MultiFamily, with 300,000 IoT unit installs across the U.S., and recently launched in Japan. To learn more about Moorman’s leadership and the global impact of the company visit