STRATIS Announces 200,000 Smart Apartments Installed Across the U.S.

STRATIS software platform integrates leading smart home hardware to simplify property management and residents’ connected home experience in MultiFamily and Student Housing.

Philadelphia, PA

STRATIS announced today that it has successfully enabled 200,000 smart apartments across multifamily and student housing. As the leading access, energy, and automation platform in the industry, STRATIS is finalizing a dozen new strategic partnerships with hardware companies and service providers alike, to create exponential global growth in 2018 and beyond.
“This benchmark achievement is a result of our team’s continued dedication to owning this market,” said Felicite Moorman, STRATIS CEO. “When we started this journey in 2015, multifamily was still largely tech-neglected. Certainly no one was successfully installing smart apartments at scale. STRATIS has experienced unprecedented growth to meet market demand, more than doubling the size of our Team, our installs, and geographical coverage.”
According to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), developers, investors, property managers, and architects need to adapt to the shifting demographics and psychographics of the renter population to effectively meet the demand for the millions of new apartment units by 2030.

In addition, the 2018 Consumer Housing Insight Survey, conducted by the NMHC, notes that 78% of millennials stated that their life was so hectic they actively look for ways to make life easier, and 92% of all respondents said that convenience was important to them.
“STRATIS enables an optimization of operating efficiencies around access and energy management and control for the property owner and manager. This increases the net operating income, and therefore the value of the property and portfolio.” Moorman said. “Residents are the natural beneficiaries of STRATIS intelligent buildings, in the form of smart apartments. This proves a compelling convenience and competitive differentiator when determining resident recruitment and retention tactics as a property manager.”
Smart apartments and intelligent buildings are not trends that the Team at STRATIS, or experts in the multifamily industry, anticipate going away.

“Multifamily customers often exhibit the same needs and desires of homeowners, and if the sector can continue to deliver improvements that bridge the gap, the value proposition of renting versus owning increases,” according to Robert Lathan in the NMHC report. “Technology has, and will continue to play, its part in a large part of these gains.”
Team members from STRATIS are currently attending the National Apartment Association’s CampusConnex meeting, where they are showcasing the smart technology to decision makers in student housing.