Archview Flats & STRATIS Case Study
Archview Flats is "in the center of it all."
Located in the Bayonne Green Coast neighborhood of New Jersey, Archview Flats is part of a modern suburb with easy access to New York City with the light rail. There are dozens of parks, restaurants, cafes, and stores nearby in this community of young professionals and families.
Key Results
  • 86% leased and 69% occupied, 3 months since opening
  • 92% of Residents have downloaded and are enthusiastic about STRATIS app prior to move-in
"I think STRATIS is the new era. I think that it's going to be more commonplace for people to use things like fobs and apps instead of traditional keys...A lot of people are receptive to it."
Marianne Hahn, Regional Property Manager


Distinguish the property with a modern, feature-rich technology experience for all 72 units and amenities including a fitness center, Residents lounge, community outdoor roof deck, and a parking garage.


STRATIS is the only Multifamily solution that provides a comprehensive, property-wide access control solution managed from one cloud-based software platform and Resident mobile application. With Sidewalk to Sofa® access, Property Management Staff and Residents enjoy remote visitor access, Honeywell smart thermostats, intelligent light fixtures, and community WiFi.

Resident features include: 

  • Unit lock access and site-wide access: Move through the entire property with site-wide access: Move through the entire property with one mobile app on smartphone, key fob, or QR code
  • Scheduled visitor unit access: Grant dog walkers, cleaners, and other regular visitors access
  • Visitor building access: Enter property with a QR code
  • Thermostat, lighting control, and schedules: Adjust thermostat and lighting settings and create schedules on their app from anywhere in the world
  • Geofenced scenes: Automate various apartment settings to turn on or off based on Resident’s location
  • User-friendly app design and experience: Enjoy amazing UI/UX

Management features include:

  • Vacant unit control: Monitor all vacant units remotely to monitor lights and thermostat settings to lower utility costs and save energy. Shut off the water main, remotely, enabled by FortrezZ.
  • Mobile maintenance: Control various settings throughout the property from one web-based application (example: no need to physically walk to a unit to adjust settings)
  • Site-wide device control and limits: Control access throughout the building to restrict access to amenities if necessary
  • Visitor access control: Monitor visitor access for increased security

“Creating physical spaces is very expensive and very difficult to do. I can’t add a second gym or add a pool anywhere I want to. But changing the way the residents interface with their existing physical space, is a much more cost-effective approach to creating accretive value.”

-Zach Aliberti, Real Estate Development Manager