Sr. Director, Program Manager – Smart Buildings

Guide our multiple engineering teams to improve delivery effectiveness, speed, and quality, while continually improving our efficiency. 

About The Team

Security, energy management, asset protection, and automation efficiencies…these are a few of our favorite things! 

STRATIS + Chirp, a RealPage company, is actively seeking an experienced and passionate Program Manager (Smart Buildings) to join their engineering teams who are creating and molding the next generation of smart building technology.  

Our diverse family and team are made-up of adventurous, multifaceted individuals who bring what they’ve learned through various walks of life to improve our products. We have former law clerks, teachers, designers, pilots, tinkerers, and a lot of other unconventional backgrounded folks that have turned into the experts in our industry. Now we’re the best because we care and move fast. 

We have a mostly React/React-Native, GraphQL/gRPC, TypeScript/Python, AWS tech stack, and we build tangible tech in a scalable and interesting architecture.  

Primary Responsibilities
Lead our agile project managers and other team members in improving:   
  • Understanding of our purpose and alignment towards our goals 
  • Overall agile processes 
  • Project prioritization 
  • Team velocities 
  • Backlog health 
  • Code review process  
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Product and project management analytics  
  • CI/CD 
  • Tech Writing / Internal Training 
  • Pilot process 
  • Monitoring/Alerting 
  • Escalations / troubleshooting processes 
  • Security processes 
  • Cross-team communication 
  • Cross-knowledge transfer 
  • Team autonomy 
  • Team member skillsets development 
  • Hiring processes 
  • Team product utilization / understanding 
  • Organizational layout / structure 
  • Cost allocation and cost efficiencies 
  • Roadmap / tech capabilities communication with stakeholders 
  • Leadership reporting processes 
  This role will manage a handful of Agile Project Managers (development team project managers). If one of those project managers departs the organization and we cannot cover with internal shifts, the recruited individual may need to personally cover-down in that area until a backfill is identified. This person will report to VP of Product Management, and will represent that leader and the organization in key meetings/events/presentations when they are unavailable. #LI-JL1 #LI-REMOTE
Required Knowledge
  • Extensive experience of program/project management with a proven record of successful delivery of widely utilized technical products 
  • Proven leadership track record – specifically leadership of technical project/program managers 
  • Excitement to drive the teams to the above improvement focus areas, as well as identify other areas of opportunity for the improvement of the org 
  • High-level of confidence in ability to represent the organization well in front of internal and external stakeholders, including key clients, head of sales, and the internal C-Suite.